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Food for thought

29 August 2012

Food for thought

With so much talk about what causes dementia and how we can treat it, it’s no wonder people are looking into their diets to see how best protect themselves. Here are of 10 foods which can be good for the brain.

1. Blueberries — shown to improve memory function with regular consumption. They are also rich in antioxidants and can help reverse age related issues in motor function, balance and coordination.

2. Salmon — the omega-3 helps the brain develop tissue for increased brain power and aids in fighting age related cognitive disorders.

3. Flax seeds — these contain a fatty acid which can help the part of the brain responsible for processing sensory information.

4. Coffee — studies have shown that drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of dementia and that caffeine, in moderation, is good for the brain.

5. Mixed nuts — peanuts, walnuts, pecans, and other nuts can help fight insomnia and strengthen memory. Almonds can also act as mood enhancers and walnuts contain omega-3, good for brain function.

6. Avocados — contain a healthy fat that promotes blood flow, thereby reducing blood pressure and maintaining brain function.

7. Eggs — contain choline which is essential for improving memory function.

8. Whole grains — these improve circulation and contain essential fibre, vitamins and, sometimes, omega-3, which are all beneficial.

9. Chocolate — dark chocolate can improve focus and concentration while milk chocolate can improve memory and reaction times.

10. Broccoli — it has been shown that broccoli can slow the aging process and improve memory function.

Obviously we should not rely on simply eating these foods to stay healthy, but combine them with a well-balanced diet and exercise to maintain our general health and brain function.