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Too scared to leave the house

25 September 2012

Too scared to leave the house

According to a new survey more than a third of people over 50 are afraid to leave their homes at night for fear of being mugged or verbally abused.

Age Concern conducted the survey on 4,000 people which found that 47% of over 75’s were too afraid to venture outside after dark.

Participants were asked to give a ‘wish list’ for reducing the fear of street crime and 61% would like more police on the streets.   They also wanted better street lighting, safer public transport and more CCTV surveillance.

The results also varied by location, with 39% in the south west afraid to go out after dark, compared to 31% in the north east.

Age Concern England director-general Gordon Lishman said, “Fear of street crime has trapped many older people inside their own four walls, putting them at risk of loneliness and isolation.  It is not only older people who stand to lose out by being prisoners of fear but also the wider community.”

Victim Support policy manager Debora Singer said, “Older people are effectively becoming prisoners in their own homes but the reality is their fear is out of proportion to the risk.”