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Snoring finally pays off

8 October 2012

Snoring finally pays off

There could be good news for millions of people kept awake at night.  Snoring could get your partner a bigger pension.

This is because those with ‘obstructive sleep apnoea’ – where collapsed throat muscles block airways – could get an extra £12,000 in retirement

Insurers have decided that people with obstructive sleep apnoea qualify for higher payments.  Apnoea not qualifies due to the fact that it can cause higher blood pressure and lead to heart failure. Others with health problems have been received hundreds extra each year, due to a shorter life expectancy.

Andrew Tulley, director of MGM Advantage, says, “If you are a noisy snorer you’re unlikely to tell many people.  But if you share that little bit of information when you get to retirement, it could mean a difference of thousands of pounds of extra income.”

For example, a man with apnoea and a £100,000 pension pot could get an extra £570 a year compared to a man without the condition.  Over a 21 year period this amounts to £12,000 extra.