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Beat your cold in 24 hours

14 December 2012

Beat your cold in 24 hours

Professor Ron Eccles from the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University has a few tips for beating a cold in just one day.

7am – Take a hot shower, this can ease sore muscles and the steam can help clear a blocked

8am – Have breakfast, have a glass of orange juice packed full of vitamin C with some porridge and sprinkle on some anti-oxidant rich berries.

10am – Steam your face, use the steam to clear your sinuses or look for some over the counter
remedies, the stronger the flavour the better.

12pm – Go for a walk, the exercise can improve your mood and boost your immune system.

1pm – Enjoy lunch, opt for protein to build up immune cells and prompt the immune response.

3pm – Have a tea break, hot liquids help to thin mucus and expel it from the body.

6pm – Add a little spice to your life, have a curry for your dinner, the herbs and spices will help kill bacteria and clear nasal passages.

8pm – Soak in the bath, an extra steam can’t hurt a blocked nose.

10pm – Get plenty of sleep, those hours in bed are great for recharging your body so you can
wake up feeling fresh and cold free in the morning.