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The mould that can be good for you

18 December 2012

The mould that can be good for you

Scientists are discovering that Roquefort, the cheese known for its mould, has anti-inflammatory properties which could help fight against cardiovascular disease.

The cheese is aged in caves in the South of France and the process as the cheese ripens is good for a healthy digestive system.  It also helps to slow arthritis and can slow the signs of aging such as cellulite, according to scientists from the Cambridge-based biotech company Lycotec.

The study found that regular consumption of Roquefort,camber and other moulded cheeses could be the reason why France has the lowest incidence of cardiovascular mortality in the developed world.

Zoe Harcombe, a leading nutritionist, was sceptical saying, “We should not automatically think of inflammation as a bad thing.  Inflammation is the sign that the body is healing something (we sprain our ankle, it inflames – that is the body sending fluids, blood and lipoproteins to the area to repair the damage).