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Walk your way to a long life

15 January 2013

Walk your way to a long life

A new study has shown that older people who take a short walk just four times a week can reduce the risk of early death by as much as 40%.

Medical experts monitored over 200 residents from an older persons home for a period of ten years. Their average age was 80 and every aspect of their life was taken into consideration.  This included their mental state, diets, weight and their smoking and drinking habits.  The results showed that those who walked had a 40% better survival rate than those who did not.

The team said, “‘Over-all survival was highest for subjects walking in the open air four times a week for at least 15 minutes in comparison to subjects walking less than four times a week.”

Walking is a more convenient exercise for people to get involved in and it has the effect of holding back heart disease, stroke and other life threatening illness.  The fresh air can increase the efficiency of the immune system, strengthen bones and reduce obesity.