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Tasty treats for Pancake Day

18 February 2015

Tasty treats for Pancake Day

The team, residents and family members across the group tucked in to a variety of different pancakes this Pancake Day.

Residents and the team at Kew House held a seated pancake race, seeing who could get their pancake to the end of the line first and different toppings were experimented with at Anya Court, though the favourite was still traditional lemon juice and sugar.

Following a discussion about the best pancake batter recipe, traditional condiments and garnish, twenty residents rose to the challenge of seeing how many times a pancake could be tossed at Admiral Court.

Plenty of jokes, laughter and egging on ensued as each volunteer stepped up to have a go at tossing the pancakes.

Mrs Logan, who will turn 100 this November, giggled as she managed to fling her pancake up and over. “I’m surprised I am still so steady” she said. But Mr Martin, 90 and a retired pastry cook, was the clear winner with ten consecutive tosses.