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Royal day out beckons for Edith

4 May 2017

Royal day out beckons for Edith

A War hero and a Regency House Care Home resident will have a royal day at Buckingham Palace – and she will be getting there in style.

Edith Spackman, 94 has been formally invited to attend a garden party at Her Majesty’s home.

She was nominated by Cardiff Councillor Phil Bale in recognition of her contribution during WW2.

During the Cardiff Blitz in 1941, Edith, who worked as a Library Assistant helped save Canton Library from an incendiary bomb by putting out a fire.

She and Lifestyle Leader, Tracy Hiscock will attend the garden party in a Rolls-Royce Ghost, which has been arranged by our care home on June 1st.

Mrs Spackman, 94 said: “I can’t believe something like this is happening to me, it’s very exciting to think I might meet her Royal Highness.”

General Manager at Regency House, Debby Roose said: “I am immensely proud of how my Lifestyle Leader Tracy has worked with the community to develop this line of reminiscence with such a wonderful outcome for Mrs Spackman, who deserves this recognition.

“The team and all of her friends at Regency House are thrilled and are looking forward to watching Edith’s visit on the commemorative garden party DVD that will available following the event.”

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