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Finding Anisha Grange Care Home

21 December 2017

Finding Anisha Grange Care Home

Relative Sandra Martin shares her story of finding the right care home for her mum. 

After a long period of decreasing mobility, my dear mum, Vera, found herself admitted to hospital in December 2016. While she was waiting to be assessed, she told me that she had realised that she could no longer manage to look after herself at home and asked me to look at Anisha Grange Care Home as she had been there to visit a friend’s husband. As a dutiful daughter, I went along to Anisha Grange Care Home the next day without an appointment and made enquiries. I was immediately made welcome and given a full tour of the home (even though they hadn’t been expecting me, which is always a great sign). They even showed me a room which had been made ready for a new resident arriving soon. Everybody I met that day was smiling and open and made me feel so at home. And the best part was that they had a room available.

Mum remained in hospital for two weeks, during which time she was assessed by a very kind and empathetic Hallmark Care Homes Senior Manager and everything fell into place –she was moving in! On the day that she was discharged from hospital, it was suggested that I be there at Anisha Grange Care Home to meet her on arrival around lunchtime. I waited there for six hours in the end, during which time I was made welcome by both team, residents and their families in the superb café, and I already felt part of the Anisha family! The team kept chivvying the hospital along to find out where she had got to and made me feel very supported. When Mum finally arrived by ambulance at 6.45pm, members of the team had stayed after their shift to greet her. I will never forget the smile on Mum’s face and the sheer relief as she was pushed through those sliding doors to her new home. Everyone rallied round to settle her to bed and give her a snack. She was treated like a queen. I even received a reassuring call by the team to tell me that she fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

And so the story continues… Mum is thriving, thank God (and Anish Grange). She has all her mobility/medical needs addressed, enjoys the amazing food and, of course, she is benefiting so much from the companionship and socialising. I’ve got my mum back! She is so fond of all her carers; they feel like friends to all the family. I can honestly say I have never been greeted by anything other than smiles and interest in the whole family whenever I visit (which is several times a week), from the girls on reception, carers, Lifestyle team and catering/domestic team and management. In fact, Mum says she knows I arrive earlier and leave later than the time I am with her, as I’m always catching up with the team, residents and their families on my way in and out. That’s what makes the Anisha Grange Care Home special.

If I were to offer advice to anyone looking for a residential home for a loved one, I would suggest that you choose where you want to visit based on family/friends’ recommendations/location, etc., and then just go with your gut feelings when you visit. If you are open and not ‘guarded’ with the team, they will be open with you, and you will get a true feel for the place. I never once looked at CQC reports for Anisha Grange Care Home; I chose with my heart. A great home may still sometimes ‘get it wrong’, but the measure of a fantastic one is how they listen and react positively on those occasions.

Keep up the good work everyone – you are all much appreciated. Vera’s whole family enjoys the time we spend within your walls.

Sandra Martin

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