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Five of our resident’s favourite meals at Anya Court Care Home

22 June 2018

Five of our resident’s favourite meals at Anya Court Care Home

Here at Anya Court Care Home in Rugby, we work hard to develop a menu that is varied, enticing and has a great balance of all the essential nutrients for older people. Eating a balanced diet is essential to great overall health, and among the elderly it’s more important than ever.

Here are five of the meals our residents have voted as their favourite, and which always go down a storm when they’re served in our restaurant.

  1. Steak, chips and peas

It’s a firm favourite, and we have to admit it’s a favourite with the care team too! Who doesn’t love a juicy steak, cooked to perfection and accompanied by the classic combo of chips and peas? Rich in iron, steak is a great way to keep red blood cells healthy and to top up our protein intake for the day.

  1. Poached cod with parsley sauce, mashed potato and a vegetable medley

Our residents love fish, and a nice piece of poached fish is great for their bodies too. Cod is an excellent source of vitamin B12, potassium, vitamin B6 and those essential omega-3 fatty acids, so it’s a regular inclusion on our menus.

  1. Battered haddock with chips and mushy peas

Fish and chips Friday is a regular fixture in our home and there’s no doubt that this British comfort food is a firm favourite on our menu. Although it’s can be high in calories and fat, there’s loads of good stuff in fish and chips too, such as B6, B12, zinc, calcium and lots of important fibre.

  1. Roast belly pork with roasted root vegetables, cabbage and roast potatoes, gravy and stuffing

Our slow cooked belly pork is guaranteed to make your mouth water! Our residents love it because it’s packed full of flavour and never tough. Accompanied by delicious roasted root vegetables, this is a winter warmer of the highest standard, and of our fluffy roast potatoes, succulent stuffing and rich gravy really makes it a meal to remember.

  1. Cumberland sausage with onion gravy, mash and roast vegetable medley

Sausage and mash is a great British classic, and our residents love it when our chefs pop this one on the menu. Served with a deeply flavoured onion gravy, our peppery Cumberland sausages are the perfect boneless meat, able to be enjoyed by even those with limited chewing ability. Packed with protein and accompanied by vitamin rich roasted veg, we weren’t surprised this was chosen as a top meal.

What do you think of our residents’ favourite meals? Maybe one of your comfort foods is on there! If you’d like to join your loved one for a meal at Anya Court, just speak to a care worker for more information or give us a call on 01788 811 976 to book in for lunch or dinner.

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