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Role model – Mitchell Minney

8 November 2018

Role model – Mitchell Minney

Mitchell Minney has been our dedicated Customer Relationship Manager at Greenhill Manor Care Home in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, since June 2017.

We caught up with Mitchell to find out what makes him proud to work at Greenhill Manor and why forming strong ties with the local community is a vital part of his role.

What does a usual day at Greenhill Manor look like for you?

No two days are ever the same at Greenhill Manor! I start off meeting with the General Manager, Clinical Care Manager and Hospitality Services Manager to discuss the day that lies ahead. We discuss the well-being of the residents and if there are any events happening on that day to ensure that we are all on the same page. I then visit each of our communities and spend some time with the residents before heading to my office to get set up for the day.

My day varies depending on if I have any family meetings planned for prospective residents. I also attend networking events, which I plan throughout the week with the purpose of forming new relationships with members of the local community. This ranges from meeting with families, social workers and the hospitals’ discharge liaison officers to attending assessments for new residents with the Clinical Care Manager. Every day is different at Greenhill Manor, and this is one of the many reasons why I love my job!

What does the role of a Customer Relationship Manager entail?

My role is to support family and friends who are looking for care for their loved ones. I am their point of contact from the moment they make an enquiry until the day their loved one moves in, and I work hard to maintain this relationship throughout the resident’s and relatives’ journey with us.

Part of my role also includes liaising with hospital teams if someone in their care requires long-term support at Greenhill Manor. This includes arranging an assessment to evaluate the care needs of the resident, obtaining relevant paperwork and speaking with families to discuss the best plan of action for their loved one. Part of this journey includes supporting the families and resident with any questions they may have about Court of Protection, Power of Attorney, funding and the overall care needs of the resident.

On move-in day for a new resident, I find great joy in welcoming them to their new home, introducing them to team members and other residents and answering any questions they may have to make them feel as settled in as possible. I also support the family through what can be an emotional time.

We have regular relatives’ meetings where family members can give feedback, which is taken on board and acted upon. Just recently, we started a monthly group for relatives in the care home. Having a loved one in care isn’t always easy. This group gives relatives the chance to talk about how they are feeling with others who understand what they’re going through. As well as this, I arrange regular information days for relatives and members of the local community. These information days are based around subjects such as funding long-term care and Power of Attorney, and they give visitors the opportunity to have their general care questions answered in a group setting or in confidence by experts in the care industry.

Do you have a personal highlight in your role?

As well as my day-to-day role as a Customer Relationship Manager, I am also one of the homes’ Dementia Champions. During Dementia Awareness Week this May, each Hallmark home was given a target to create more dementia-friendly communities by inviting people within the local area to attend a Dementia Friends session.

Through networking, we were able to make over 400 people Dementia Friends at Greenhill Manor. This included schools, local businesses and our team members. Dementia Friends sessions are taught in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, and each interactive session explores what it’s like to live with dementia and how you can help someone living with dementia to live a fulfilled life. Creating this many Dementia Friends was an amazing achievement for Greenhill Manor, and raising awareness about dementia and delivering these sessions was really special to me.

What makes you proud to work at Greenhill Manor?

From volunteers to the General Manager, everybody is proud to work at Greenhill Manor. We are all there for the same reason and that is to ensure that the residents live fulfilled lives, receive the best possible care and are happy! We have an amazing team at Greenhill Manor and we, alongside residents and relatives, are one big family.

How do you ensure that you form strong relationships with members of the local community?

We are always striving to form new relationships through networking with groups and individuals, and we already have strong ties with schools, community groups, GP surgeries, churches and youth groups who enjoy getting to know the residents and getting involved with various activities. It is so important to build these relationships because we have 120 residents living in Greenhill Manor, and it is vital important that they are made to feel like valued members of the community. For example, most recently, we donated fans to the labour ward at the Prince Charles Hospital with help from the residents. This helped expectant mothers to keep cool, and the hospital was very grateful.

How do you spend your free time?

The relationship I have with my friends and family is extremely important to me, and I love spending time with them. I have also recently got a dog, Winnie Minney, and I love taking her on walks. Music is also a massive part of my life, and in my spare time, I am the lead singer of a band. We play all across the country and we have a lot of fun!

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