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Shire Hall team raise £1,000 by taking part in the World’s Big Sleep Out event

23 December 2019

Shire Hall team raise £1,000 by taking part in the World’s Big Sleep Out event

Homelessness has been an ongoing and at the same time, an increasing issue in our modern society.

Recently, four team members at Shire Hall, our care home in Cardiff, joined the global homelessness awareness event called the “World’s Big Sleep Out,” which aimed to support homeless people in Wales and in other parts of the world.

Our participating team members supported this campaign by experiencing what it was like to sleep out in the cold and rain with their layered clothing inside tents that were set up within Shire Hall’s garden area. Throughout the rough weather in the night, our team managed to complete the event duration which started from 7pm until 6am the following day.

From the event Shire Hall garnered a total of £1,000 in donations which were split between the Institute of Global Homelessness; and our home’s chosen partner charity, the Huggard Centre – a homeless-and-displaced-people’s centre based in Cardiff.

Lifestyle Leader at Shire Hall Care Home, Sheila Charles said: “This year, we celebrated our fifth year of supporting the homelessness issue in Cardiff, and we realised that this event makes our milestone even more special.

“Aside from participating in this globally initiated event, we are also continuing our annual Christmas tradition of giving out gift bags to the homeless people within our area. The gift bags include some toiletries, warm clothing, packed lunches and travel mugs, which were collectively donated by the Shire Hall team, as well as the residents’ relatives. Special handmade Christmas cards by the residents are also included in each gift bag.”

For further information and if you would like to donate to Shire Hall’s cause please click here.

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