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Finding Anya Court

3 March 2020

Finding Anya Court

Anya Court Care Home is our beautifully designed, award-winning care home in Rugby, Warwickshire. 

Winners of the ‘Customer Care Award’ at the Pride of Rugby Awards 2019, Anya Court Care Home prides itself on providing a warm, homely feel for all residents.

Deborah Law shares with us how she found Anya Court Care Home for her parents.

When did you know it was the right time to move your loved ones into a care home?

As my parents grew older, I had idly thought from time to time about what I would look for in a care home. The time came rather suddenly when my father had a serious fall and needed care. He was my mother’s main carer so I needed to find a short-term stay for them both.

How did you come to find Anya Court Care Home?

When visiting my parents in Dunchurch, I had seen Anya Court as it was being built in nearby Rugby. This was my first choice. My parents had to move in fairly quickly so at this stage I did not look at other care homes. I went straight to Anya Court and found a warm, welcoming atmosphere where the team members did everything possible to make a fast move happen. My parents were able to return home after six weeks.

A year later, again we found ourselves facing the situation that my parents could no longer live independently. This time I decided to look around first and investigate more thoroughly, as this move, although again needed quickly, would be for good.

With Anya Court as my benchmark, I contacted a couple of other homes. The good news was that there were other places which had double rooms, however, I found those I visited to be drab, quiet and lacking a feeling of energy and I left feeling depressed and somewhat shocked.

So, it was back to Anya Court where I found the same cheerful, warm welcome. As soon as I set foot through the door I felt at home and safe. The General Manager and the Clinical Lead for the community where my parents would be living came to visit us. I think this is extremely important. It’s the leaders who set the culture in a home and it was so reassuring to be able to talk to them about everything before the move.

How did you find the moving in process?

Over the first few months, there were difficulties from time to time, especially for my mother who found her loss of independence hard. Throughout, though, she always stressed to me how wonderful the team members were. I think it is important to feel that you can establish a relationship with the whole team, from; housekeeping, maintenance, carers, nurses, lifestyles – who are looking after your relative. You become part of a team and yes, I would say part of a family.

There is always something to do at Anya Court. The garden is lovely and it is really enjoyable, especially in the summer – to relax on one of the patios with a cold drink, a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

How do you feel about your loved ones living at Anya Court?

I have come to realise over the months that looking after people in a care home is not easy. At Anya Court, they get the basics right – medication management, safety, cleanliness, for example, but they also have team members who are long-term and get to know the residents and their particular needs and their likes and dislikes, whether physical or emotional.

The relief my sister and I felt when our parents moved to Anya Court was so wonderful.  Beforehand, we had felt as if we were waiting for the next health crisis and as neither of us lived in Rugby, it was always a worry about how we would all cope.

Sadly, my mother recently passed away. The care she received in her final weeks was exceptional and provided support for father, sister and me during this time. Knowing that our father is continuing to live life with his Anya Court family has really helped us in the wake of my mother’s death.

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