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Hallmark Care Homes to celebrate ‘A Moment in Time’

9 June 2020

Hallmark Care Homes to celebrate ‘A Moment in Time’

Hallmark care homes across England and Wales will celebrate ‘A Moment in Time’ on Wednesday 10th June.

The new Hallmark event has been introduced to mark this poignant moment in history by planting an ornamental pear tree in the garden with the residents.

Whilst we appreciate this is a difficult and unsettling time for everyone, we want to join together (whilst social distancing) to look towards something positive and celebrate life itself.

The ornamental pear tree was chosen to serve as a symbol of unity during this moment in time. The trees will be planted, blossom and turn to autumn colour simultaneously across the country representing the shared experiences between all the homes, residents and team. White spring blossom symbolises remembrance and the hardwood of the tree symbolises strength. The tree symbolises persistence and perseverance as it is the first to come into leaf in spring and the last to lose its leaves in winter. This tree also symbolises health and resilience as it can cope with all soil types and a wide range of challenging conditions.

There will lots of other smaller activities taking place on this day to mark the occasion, from burying time capsules to creating pieces of artwork of the tree, each home is celebrating in their own unique way.

Banstead Manor, our care home in Banstead, Surrey is burying a time capsule alongside the tree filled with letters from residents, they are also inviting family members via a zoom meeting so they can watch the ceremony and are sending them pear tree seeds so relatives can grow their own tree at home. Meanwhile, residents at Cherry Tree, in Caldicot will have a mindfulness session in the garden followed by afternoon tea.

Head of Relationship Centred Care at Hallmark Care Homes, April Dobson said: “There are many moments in time that hold significance for each of us throughout our lives.  Over the last few months we have shared some difficult and some good times, and today brings us together across Hallmark to remember and reflect.  The trees we are planting mark this moment in time and are a symbol of hope for the future.”

If you would like more information about the home’s plans so you can get involved virtually or otherwise please click here to contact your nearest Hallmark care home.