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An honest interview with Julie, General Manager at Anya Court Care Home

4 September 2020

An honest interview with Julie, General Manager at Anya Court Care Home

We caught up with General Manager at Anya Court Care Home, Julie Weaver, to find out what her role entails and what makes her proud to work at our award-winning, residential and dementia home.

What does the role of General Manager entail?

As a General Manager, I’m a Jack of all trades! I have responsibility for and oversight of all departments at Anya Court. This can range from advising on clinical issues to checking that all maintenance checks have been carried out and recorded. Being a General manager means that you have to be prepared to turn your hand to anything and to expect the unexpected.

What does a usual day at Anya Court Care Home look like for you?

There is no such thing as a usual day in a care home. I like to start the day by walking round each community checking that the residents and team are all well and seeing if there are any issues needing my attention. Once back at my office, my day is filled with calls from external professionals, family members, team and company virtual meetings. One thing I can say is that my job is never dull as there are always things that crop up when you least expect them; I need to be able to respond appropriately, ensure that any remedial measures are taken quickly and notify any regulatory or company representatives where there is a requirement to do so.

What safety measures do you have in place to protect residents and team?

We are testing the residents and team regularly; all team members also have their temperature checked prior to starting each shift and are constantly wearing PPE. We are also applying the principle of social distancing, providing on-going Covid-19 training to the team and are undergoing strict handwashing and cleaning procedures to ensure every one’s safety.

How do you keep residents connected with their loved ones?

We are currently facilitating garden visits for residents and their loved ones in our comfortable visiting suite. We have purchased several ipads to support our residents to have regular video calls with their friends and family and we have also installed an app called Rels App. This app is exclusive to Anya Court and our other Hallmark care homes and allows families and residents to send each other messages, pictures and videos which can be replayed again at a later date.

What makes you proud to work at Anya Court Care Home?

Without a doubt, it’s the amazing residents and teams who I work with every day. At the height of the pandemic, we had to take some strict measures to ensure the safety of everyone living and working at Anya Court. Without exception, everyone rose to the challenge and accepted the measures that we had to take. The teamwork has been phenomenal and has been a major factor in ensuring that Anya Court did not experience a COVID-19 outbreak. The residents accepted the changes to their daily routines with immense grace and fortitude and, as for my team, they have been amazing in the care that they delivered every day without fail.

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