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Finding Regency House

24 September 2020

Finding Regency House

Regency House Care Home is an industry-leading care home in Ely, on the outskirts of Cardiff. Regency House offers award-winning design initiatives in addition to high standards of residential and nursing care.

Denise Allan, the daughter of a resident living at Regency House, shares her story of how she found the perfect care home for her mum.

Mum suffered a stroke in February 2019. After a five-month stay in the Countess of Chester Hospital, we were advised that mum would be at risk if she stayed in her own home with a care package. As I live in Cardiff and I’m mum’s only family member, we decided the best option for us both was to move mum nearer to me.

I contacted the local council for a list of care homes in the area and waded thought the suitable options regarding nursing care options close to Llandaff, where I live with my family. Having visited 6 of the homes I decided on a possible two care homes and asked a friend to come with me for my final choice.

Regency House was the favourite, hands down! The newly refurbished home had a calm, spacious feeling about it. There is a welcoming coffee area for visitors which is a sociable bonus too. It’s so nice not to be all squashed in a room when extra friends and family gather to visit. Plus, a cinema room for parties and movies made it feel quite special. The fact that Regency House is only a 10-minute walk from my house is also a great convenience to me.

The deciding factor was really how amazingly well we were greeted by a wonderful lady called Fiona. She was really kind, caring and patient showing us around. All the team were smiling and happy to engage on our initial visit.

We decided to move at the end of May. After an assessment the General Manager consulted with the hospital and the long journey was made to Cardiff. After only a few days, mum felt quite at home and it didn’t take long for the team to get to know mum and her needs. Her speech is limited, she is confined to a wheelchair and needs some assistance at times with food. Although she has capacity, I am always popping in and checking she has everything she needs.

Since Mum’s move eight months ago, we have a lot to be thankful for. What a year it has been since mum’s stroke. I feel so grateful to have found a fabulous care home for my very special mum just on my doorstep. The General Manager must be well respected by her team as I really can’t fault them at all. There is plenty of entertainment for all residents. I really enjoy the concerts and performances at the home, organised by Mark, the Lifestyles Team Lead, as mum and I were often on stage together. He has such a wonderful voice too. Paige is one of mum’s main carers. She always has such energy and enthusiasm for such a young woman in this caring environment.

Mum and I have accepted the change in our lives and now feel surrounded by a new caring family and friends in the team at Regency House Care Home. They are always open and sensitive to us at all times. Thank you all.

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