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Admiral Court residents enjoy a taste of Japan

1 December 2020

Admiral Court residents enjoy a taste of Japan

Residents at Admiral Court, our care home in Leigh-on-Sea recently enjoyed a taste of Japan with a sushi making lesson.

As part of the around the world event at our outstanding, residential and dementia home, residents were taught how to make sushi by the team who dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos.

Residents were also encouraged to try sake, and use chopsticks whilst listening to traditional music.

The activity was arranged as part of our home’s monthly around the world event where the team work together to bring an authentic food experience and demonstration to the residents.

Next month our home will be travelling to The North Pole to tie with their Christmas celebrations.

Lifestyle’s Leader at Admiral Court Care Home, Sarah Savidge said: “Each and every resident living at Admiral Court was supported to participate in this month’s Armchair Travel Experience to Japan.

“Trying on traditional costumes provided an instant platform to promote laughter and conversation. Dressing-up provided a reminiscence therapy and recollection of holidays and travel past. One resident taught others how to say hello and goodbye in Japanese, then shared he had visited Japan often on business.

“The whole home was involved in exploring the art of origami, learning about the culture, geography and history of the country.

“The travel activity also provided many sensory experiences. Residents were enabled to ‘visit’ Japan, for example, by listening to the sounds of Wagakki.  Residents created music with percussion instruments, held a traditional fan, and felt the texture of a silk costume.

“Team and residents tasted Sake or helped to roll vegetarian sushi or experimented with chop sticks as a fun form of dexterity movement and motor skill exercise for all to enjoy!”

Resident Ro Sansome said: “I lived in the far east for many years. This brought back so many memories.”

Resident Daphne While said: “I really liked doing this. It was like rolling up a Swiss roll!”

Resident Mavis Brazier said: “I didn’t think I would like it but it was delicious.”

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