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Banstead Manor care home unveils new pub envisioned by residents

24 May 2021

Banstead Manor care home unveils new pub envisioned by residents

Our care home in Banstead, Banstead Manor has opened a new pub after a discussion with residents about what they have missed most in lockdown.

The pub called the Sycamore Arms had its official opening at our home recently and boasts a bar, pool table, LED lights and comfortable seating.

It also hosts a snooker club, darts competitions, pub quizzes, sing-a-longs and offers pub grub to patrons.

The area was created by team members at the home, after resident Audrey Moore, 90 started a discussion with a friend about what they had missed most during lockdown.

Residents Dot, Hazel, June, Jean, Dora, Monica, Brenda and Stella.

Lifestyles Leader at the home, Nina Blackman said: “Audrey and her friend’s conversation inspired us to recreate the atmosphere and surroundings of a traditional pub with all things post war 1950’s.  A pub committee was then created with Audrey at the forefront who was also appointed as the licensee.

“We have since created a space for the residents to reminisce, socialise, be part of a group and encourage new friendships. The sheer joy on the faces of these incredible people says it all.

“The lighting through LED lights and jellyfish lava lamps helps the visually impaired, the signage encourages residents to help wash up, collect the glasses, and serve the drinks giving them meaning and purpose to their lives. The cosy set up, old fashioned bar, optics and décor all depict that of an era nearly lost.

“All we need to do now is ring the bell and try and get them to go home after last orders. It’s more difficult than you might ever imagine!”

Resident, Audrey said: “I am the Bet Lynch of the pub and landlady. It’s such a lovely atmosphere here it reminds me of my husband, we used to go dancing all the time and met at a dance at Hammersmith Palais.

“It’s like the good old days I think I’ll stay here until closing time, mind you we never had more than two!”

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