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Spotlight on…Dementia Care Manager, Cheryl Jones 

12 May 2022

Spotlight on…Dementia Care Manager, Cheryl Jones 

We recently caught up with Dementia Care Manager at Anya Court Care Home, Cheryl Jones. Cheryl shared with us what a usual day at the home looks like to her and what she enjoys most about her role.

What is the role of a Dementia Care Manager?

The Dementia Care Manager has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the dementia community and team in the home. Being a Dementia Care Manager means I also am responsible for all dementia care within the home.

What qualifications do you need?

A level 4 or 5 NVQ in Health and Social Care, or willingness to work towards it, as well as having a genuine passion for making a difference.

Experience and knowledge of evidence-based practice in dementia care with at least four years of experience in long term care of the older person, including people living with dementia.

What does a usual day look like for you?

A usual day for me includes working with the dementia community leads and care team to ensure residents’ needs are fulfilled. I also mentor the team and promote Hallmark Care Homes’ Dementia Strategy, Welcome Home.

I also monitor, record and evaluate care plans and risk assessments and liaise with professionals and external agencies, whilst ensuring families are supported in any way they need. I regularly communicate with families, GPs and other multi-agency professionals to ensure each resident is receiving the very best relationship-centred care.

I also act as the Dementia Champion, leading the implementation of the Welcome Home Dementia Strategy at Anya Court and supporting the home with daily meetings, training, rotas and the recruiting of new care team members. 

What is the most important part of your role?

The most important part of my role is being able to support both residents and the care team with hands-on support and advice, as well as being able to lead and direct the care team at the home in line with the Hallmark Care Homes’ Dementia Strategy.

How do you ensure all team members are educated on Hallmark’s Dementia Strategy?

I ensure the Dementia Strategy is regularly communicated to team members during meetings and discussions in the home. I also support during inductions of new team members, and I make sure to communicate it then, ensuring all team members have a good understanding of the Welcome Home Strategy.

What changes have you made since assuming your position and what impact has this had on the home?

The Dementia Care Team at Anya Court Care Home has been supported to work with the CHARM project, which enables us to review the care and the way the care team deliver care in our dementia community.

Before I joined the home, the care team had become very task-focused and there was a low level of resident engagement. Since the implementation of the CHARM project and the addition of the Dementia Care Manager role, we have focused on taking time to understand each resident, their needs, their care and daily lifestyle choices, putting the residents at the heart of everything we do.

I also ensure that we promote and support the team to build solid relationships with families, gaining their trust and being supportive, welcoming people.

The CHARM project has helped us to transform the dementia community into the bright, calming and enjoyable environment it is today. It has enabled the care team to communicate better with residents, families and team members and change their attitudes.

What advice would you give to someone caring for a loved one living with dementia?

The best advice I would give is to have patience, never correct or assume, and to be in their world. If you truly know them as an individual, you will know and understand how to make each day a good day for them.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Dementia Care Manager?

My favourite part of the role is being able to support both residents and the team, enabling them to focus on what is most important – The residents.

Can you think of a personal highlight in your role?

A personal highlight would be sharing the great work achieved in our dementia community with other Dementia Care Managers at the Hallmark Care Homes Dementia Care Manager conference last year. Also, being involved in the charm project has been fantastic.

How do you spend your free time? 

I love walking my two Fox Red Labrador Retrievers. They are my fur babies! I also enjoy taking part in Park Run on a Saturday and I enjoy yoga too. I like eating out and spending time with my family and love a good book with a gin and lemonade, in the garden on a warm day.

Watch our video to find out more about Cheryl and the team at Anya Court Care Home below!

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