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Meet Archie – Shire Hall Care Homes’ Fluffy Friends

16 August 2022

Meet Archie – Shire Hall Care Homes’ Fluffy Friends

Meet Archie, our fluffy friend at Shire Hall and the much-loved companion of General Manager, Karen. Archie enjoys spending time with the team and residents and likes to water the garden. Read on to find out more about Archie! 

Hello I am Archie. I’m a Cavapoo (King Charles Spaniel and Poodle). My mum is Karen, the General Manager at Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff. I turn one on August 13th 2022 and I am looking forward to my first birthday party at Shire Hall.

I come to work with mum every day and have a lovely bed in the office with my mum and auntie Hannah, the Deputy Manager. Hannah is my substitute mum who I stay with when mum goes away.

I am very busy at times helping the Lifestyles Team, Sheila, Cathy and Sonia water the gardens every morning. They do splash me sometimes. The residents love watching me play ball and racing around the gardens. I love checking the residents in the coffee shop. Sometimes, I get treats and I meet other furry friends that come to visit. I have a little nap in the day and sometimes mum and Hannah are so busy, they forget I have to go out but I have a bell that I ring to remind them.

I love seeing the residents and some have treat jars especially for me in their rooms. Lynn, the Administrator gives me treats without mum knowing, although Jonathan, the Customer Relationship Manager keeps me in check.

I have lots of friends in the home like Fred, the Hospitality Service Manager and Geraint, the Head Housekeeper. Luckily, I don’t moult and I am hypoallergenic, so the Housekeeping Team love me. The Kitchen Team smells fantastic and they give me extra special treats like chicken and sausages. I love Alex, the Lead Nurse. She plays ball with me on my breaks along with Suzy, Jayne and Danni on reception and all the other team members on days and nights. I love my days at Shire Hall.

I recently celebrated my first birthday with a fabulous party at the home. All my favourite people were there and I was spoilt rotten.

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