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Meet Ray Arnold – General Manager of Angmering Grange

19 January 2023

Meet Ray Arnold – General Manager of Angmering Grange

We recently caught up with Ray Arnold, General Manager of our brand-new home set to open this year, Angmering Grange. Ray told us what he loves about his role and how he supports residents transitioning into care.

What does the role of General Manager entail?

There are a variety of roles a General Manager is responsible for, including; coordinating medical treatment, care assessments, developing and monitoring care plans, monitoring medication compliance, recruitment selection and retention, team building and development, serving as advocates for and champions of the resident’s health.

I believe that the relationships we build with residents, their relatives and loved ones, health professionals and the team drive the high-quality care that residents deserve.

To work in the care sector, you must be caring, have large amounts of patience and resilience, be reliable, be trustworthy, have good communication skills and be ready to listen. Compassionate, with the ability to put others before yourself.

How and why did you start working in the care industry?

Initially my management carer was within larger retail companies. I was asked by a friend who was a Care Home Manager of a small independent provider If I could help with recruitment and compliance. After spending time with the care team, residents and family, I found an enjoyment in helping others and decided that this was a job that I could make a real difference in, so I decided to start my care carer and assumed a role as a new to care Night Care Assistant.

I worked through the care qualifications and progressed to Senior Care Assistant then to Head of Care, Deputy Manager and eventually on to General Manager.

Throughout my progression, my main drive was for the improvement of care delivery and spent many years as a turn around home manager. This entailed managing services who required improvement, by working with and supporting teams we made real changes in the quality of care for residents. It is this passion for quality care that continues today.

What qualifications do you need?

  • A professional social work qualification.
  • A nursing diploma or degree (required when nursing care is provided by the home).
  • A relevant NVQ at Level 4, such as health and social care (adults) or health and social care (children and young people).
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services within 3 months of starting your job. You’ll need to complete it within 2 to 3 years.

What do you think the most common misconception of care is?

Over the years the most common misconception that I come across is that a care home is a place you are sent to at the end of your years as there is no other option. Once a resident has joined us, I often hear that they wished they had done so years ago.

What should people know before moving into care?

When considering moving into care there are many different options in both providers and cost. Most people think that care means selling any property or assets to meet that cost. There are many different options and I would always advise speaking to an Independent Financial Advisor who can guide you through the best options that suits you and your family.

What do residents find hardest about the transition to care, and what will you do at Angmering Grange to help this?

Moving into a care home is a big change step. This is further compounded if this is as a result of an incident rather than a planned change. With either a planned or unplanned decision to move into Angmering Grange, we meet with the resident (and their loved ones if they wish) to discuss any clinical needs and get to know them and start building that relationship. By getting to know the likes and dislikes, we can support the resident in maintaining their interests and also taking up any they wished they had. Community is important to us and we support the resident to engage in any outside links and interests to enable them to continue.

Angmering Grange utilises a household community care within the home and matches residents and teams of similar interests. We know it can be unsettling moving into a larger environment with different people, both residents and team. Angmering Grange has a welcoming and homely feel that allows the resident engage at their own pace whilst providing support to maintain independence, dignity and choice.

What do you think is the best aspect of Angmering Grange?

It is difficult to pick one aspect of Angmering Grange, as the environment is stunning! Without a doubt, the café will be the hub of the home, being used by both residents and their visitors. I do like the roof top terrace and how the whole wall leading to the outside is all one folding door. This gives an open and light feel to the community. Another favourite is the sweet treats room and I am sure this will be well used by our residents, team and visitors.

What is your favourite part of your role?

The people I meet and engage with is my favourite part of the role. There is a diverse and unique group of residents, family and team. I enjoy working with and developing the team to reach their full potential whilst supporting residents to lead an enriching and fulfilling life.

How do you spend your free time?

My free time is spent with my family, I love watching films and listening to music. My hobbies are battle re-enacting and model making historical ships.

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