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Smiling is the secret says 100-year-old Edith

24 January 2023

Smiling is the secret says 100-year-old Edith

A resident at Regency House, our care home in Ely, Cardiff, has celebrated her 100th birthday and says not doing more than what you have to and to keep smiling is the secret.

Edith Spackman spent her special day with her family and had a second party at the care home yesterday where she enjoyed afternoon tea with friends and a visit from the Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Abdul Sattar.

Edith was born in Canton, Cardiff on 22nd January 1923.

She started working as a cashier for Sercombe’s before becoming a Librarian at Canton Library.

During WW2 In 1941, whilst working late at night, an incendiary bomb dropped through the library roof and Edith jumped into action pumping water in an attempt to put the fire out. She was supported in her efforts by the care taker and together they managed to put the bomb out and save the library. As a thank you years later, Edith was invited by Queen Elizabeth to Buckingham Palace for a tea party.

During the war Edith starting writing to the men that had gone to war and became pen pals with a man called Emyln who served in the Navy. Romance grew and they married in 1943 at St David Church in Ely, Cardiff. They later went on have two children; David and Sarah and two grandchildren Kate and Alexander. Edith then switched roles to become an inspector before becoming a librarian once again.

Edith said her secret to longevity is ‘not doing more than what I have to do and to keep smiling.’

Lifestyle’s Leader at Regency House Care Home, Wendy O’Sullivan said: it is a pleasure to have Edith living with us at Regency House and reminisce with Edith about the adventurous life that she has lived. We were very privileged to share this momentous occasion with our Regency House family.”

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