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Meet Customer Relationship Manager of Midford Manor, Michelle Goreham

2 February 2023

Meet Customer Relationship Manager of Midford Manor, Michelle Goreham

We recently caught up with Customer Relationship Manager, Michelle Goreham, who works at our brand-new care home opening this year in Bath, Midford Manor Care Home. Read more to find out how Michelle ensures that people looking to transition into a care home have all the information they need.

What does your role entail?

The main basis of my role is to spend time with families who are considering a care home. I help to support them through the decision and process in any way I can. My role is also to promote Midford Manor Care Home in a positive way to the wider community and to raise the profile of the home.

What does a normal day look like for you? 

My day consists of showing families around our stunning show suite who are looking to move themselves or their loved ones into a care home. I also answer phone calls from people looking for care options and also organise open days and events at the home so people can see what a beautiful home we have here in Bath.

How do you ensure the transition for someone moving into care is as smooth as possible?

The main thing for me is to make sure I listen carefully to what the individual and support network need and want and tailor the move to each person.

How do you ensure you maintain a relationship with prospective residents?

I keep in contact on a regular basis and make sure everyone knows I am on hand at any time for any questions concerns or niggles.

What should people consider before moving themselves or a loved one into care?

The decision to move into a care home is entirely individual and people do so for a variety of reasons. People should consider the options open to them, carry out as much research as possible, consider the legal and financial ramifications but most importantly if that decision is the right one for them.

How do you ensure loved ones feel at ease with their decision?

There is no pressure from me to make a decision and I would rather people go away and considered every option, spoke to family, friends, and other loved ones so they are absolutely sure this is the right thing for them.

What makes Midford Manor stand out from other care homes in the local area?

At Midford Manor, the culture and ethos that will be created from the ground up will make us stand out. We are dedicated to being the outstanding provider in Bath and we are committed to supporting residents and families in the decision they have made.

What is a personal highlight in your role?

When families or prospective residents tell me that I have eased their journey, made it an easy decision to make, and supported them.

What is your favourite thing about being a Customer Relationship Manager?

I love getting to know individual families and meeting and spending time with the people who visit Midford Manor.

How do you spend your free time?

I love spending time with my partner Ian whom I am marrying next month!  Our dogs and cat and we love to travel.

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