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Recalling Regal Moments: Residents reflect on their favourite royal memories

4 May 2023

Recalling Regal Moments: Residents reflect on their favourite royal memories

Today marks a historic day for our nation as we commemorate the coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort.
We spoke to some of the residents across our homes to find out their favourite memories of the royal family and their thoughts on the upcoming celebration.

Don Evans – Aged 100

Don has had the pleasure of receiving a platinum and diamond wedding anniversary cards from the Queen as well as a 100th birthday card from the King.
Don said he never got the pleasure of personally meeting the Queen, but he remembers watching her coronation on TV at home where he lived in Seven Kings with his mom and sister and now wife Jean. He remembers seeing people had waited all night and were soaked as it was raining on her coronation.
Don remembers seeing the Queen passing by when she visited the Isle of Jersey.

Margaret Martin – Aged 90

Margaret has memories of the parade from the late Queens coronation. Her and her husband whom she was dating at the time, caught the earliest underground and went to London and sat on the pavement. They announced over the loudspeaker that Everest had been climbed by Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing.

She remembers when the parade of guests went passed that the Queen Sālote of Tonga was in an open carriage even though the weather wasn’t good. She gave them biggest smile and was wearing a green dress with a green umbrella.

After the parade they walked around London and the litter was so bad it almost touched your knees. ‘It was dreadful’. Margaret also watched the rerun on TV.

Edith Spackman – Aged 100

Edith doesn’t remember much, but does remember the big street party that her street had. She also remembered watching the coronation on a black and white TV.

Edith was very pleased with her 100th birthday card from the King this year and is looking forward to the next one. Edith was invited to Buckingham Palace but couldn’t make it – she was a Librarian and saved Canton Library from burning down when it was hit by a bomb during WW2.

Dilys Smith – Aged 94

Dilys said that she was about 24 years old at the time of the Queen’s Coronation. She remembers having the day off work and having a street party that was along as the whole street.

Dilys loved the Royal family, but found Princess Anne came across as a little aloof.

Dilys thought that Princess Diana was very kind, caring and lovely.

The royal family moved out of London during the war and nobody saw much of them until afterwards.

Mavis Townsend – Aged 100

“I remember that everyone was getting a TV so that they could watch the coronation.” They lived in a flat and her parents didn’t own a TV so they came over to watch it at their house. Mavis used to belong to the Junior Red Cross and they were invited to London to see the Queen. She went passed and they waved.

Speaking of the Kings Coronation, Mavis said: “Make a grand do of it. If I was younger I would go to London. We are England and we have a new King and we have to show off.”

Winifred Thomas – Aged 105 

Winifred remembers the Queen’s Coronation and having a very large street party, as well as having the day off work to watch the full days celebrations on the TV.

Winifred has had a few cards from the late Queen as she is 105 years old. She is looking forward to her first card this year for her 106th birthday from the King.

Winifred loved the Queen and said she did a lot for our country, and was a very smart and inspirational women.

Joan Ivens – Aged 88

“I believe the world would be an awful place if we never had the royal family, it keeps our nation together.

“I remember when Diana got married, it was wonderful to watch and her dress was beautiful. I watched it with my daughter on the tele.

“I definitely will be watching the Kings Coronation and I will be watching it will all my family and we will have a little get together.”

Jane Mac – Aged 86

“I saw Prince Charles at the Cornwall show, he grinned at me. I saw the Queen in Lincolnshire. I really don’t think we should be spending so much these days, in these times. These events cost millions. However, I will celebrate at Henley Manor with a street party.”

Jean Evans – Aged 87

“I was brought up with the Royal family, I think everyone was and you would always respect it. I am looking forward to watching the coronation with my family, it will be a wonderful day.”

Bernice Browne – Aged 85

“I love the Royal family and was brought up with it. My mother thought they were wonderful and was always besotted by them. I remember going into Cardiff town with my sister to watch a royal event. I can’t remember what event it was but I remember it being so special and amazing to watch. I am looking forward to watching the King’s Coronation.”

Jean Young – Aged 92

“I saw Princess Margaret when she opened the Andrew Duncan Home in Shiplake. I think that Camilla is good for the King. But I don’t think she should be Queen. She has been divorced twice. But had Diana had been alive, she would have made a good Queen, will be a special time in history for the younger generation.”

Francoise Martin – Aged 87

“I think the royals are wonderful and they are a family to look up to and people like to see the family progress. When they visit Cardiff, it is always a big event and done properly. I will be watching the King’s Coronation as it is something the nation is proud of.”

Anne Forrest – Aged 92

“I do not have any connection with the royal family. However, I used to organise the Street Parties in Friday Street, Henley. I am very much looking forward to the coronation and our Street Party here at Henley Manor.”

James Wettenhall – Aged 93

“The Kings coronation coming up is a large event, I hope he will make a good King. I look forward to celebrating at Henley Manor.”

Ausonia Simmonds – Aged 92

“I have seen various members of the Royal Family over the years at the Henley Regatta. I am so looking forward to the Coronation. I think he will make a very good King, as he is very conscientious about our environment and always has been. A lot of people are going to attend. I am looking forward to our Street Party at Henley Manor.”

Jenny Hately – Aged 82

“I do not have a royal connection, but felt appreciated as I was a Nurse most of my life. I am looking forward to celebrating at the Henley Street Party, and I’m looking forward to watching the ceremony.”

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