Hallmark Carehomes

Innovation in our care homes

At Hallmark Care Homes, it is important for us to keep evolving and continually look at innovative ways in how we care for our residents.

It is only through our constant approach in exploring innovative solutions for quality of life and care that has allowed us to not only meet the needs and expectations of residents living in a Hallmark care home, but exceed them.

We are proud to provide beautiful and practical homes in which residents can enjoy the care and lifestyle they deserve.

Innovative ideas are not limited to technology developments but also include exciting ways to promote health and wellbeing in our homes; whether that is through activities, nutrition or through the interior design of the buildings.

Care Accelerator Program

We are proud to announce the start of an in-house accelerator program: Care Accelerator. Run in unison with our Learning and Development department this initiative will allow team members to research new ideas and build a business case much like a start-up.

Participants will explore new technologies and methods to build and operate our homes that complement our existing high quality relationship-centered care provision.

Working with Barclays Eagle Labs

Our national network of Eagle Labs supports the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to innovate and grow. We do this by giving them access to physical space to work from and arming them with a broad range of skills and exposing them to new and emerging technologies.

Barclays Eagle Labs also help to drive innovation and transformation across industry sectors, through collaboration with industry-leading corporates, universities and start-ups. Our dedicated HealthTech supports the promotion of new and emerging technologies designed to improve independent living, health management, increase prevention and deliver precision medicine.

With demand on the health sector growing and reaching near-critical levels, we’re bringing together industry experts, innovators, academics and health and social care providers to support the transformation of the healthcare industry through collaboration, innovation and technology

Incorporating innovation into our care homes

Artificial Intelligence-powered monitoring system

At Hallmark Care Homes we are proud to announce we have invested in Ally, a night-time monitoring system to give our residents better sleep plus safer and more personalised care.

Ally is a fantastic solution that is proven to help care homes reduce falls, hospital admissions and night-time disturbance whilst giving our care team more time to spend with each resident.

“At Hallmark Care Homes we constantly strive to provide our residents with the outstanding care they deserve, we are excited to introduce Ally across our homes to help our residents live healthier and happier lives”- Aneurin Brown, Operations Director

New innovation ideas being developed

Circadian lighting in our homes

Our new care homes have circadian lighting installed. It is an effective lighting system designed around natural circadian rhythms which helps maintain the sleep schedule and natural body clock of residents. Residents living with Dementia are particularly susceptible to light disturbances because they have a negative impact on their already restricted orientation and perception abilities.

When this rhythm runs smoothly, people can be active and productive during the day and sleep more restfully at night, increasing the well-being of both residents and the care team.

Innovation Challenge

In order to capture these fantastic ideas, we launched the Innovation Challenge in July 2020 which was open to everyone at Hallmark as well as to our sister company, Savista. It was a great way for the team to share their ideas and put forward their suggestions to improve the care we provide as well as feedback on the design of our buildings.

We believe everyone has great ideas that are innovative and dynamic. We also recognise that it is our care teams who are the best qualified to help us with our quest to stay at the forefront of innovation in our homes. After all, they are the ones spending time with residents on a daily basis and can see any gaps where an innovative solution could add value to the care and service residents receive.

The Innovation Challenge generated a wide range of ideas from the Hallmark care team. Each idea was reviewed by the Hallmark Executive Leadership Team through a carefully considered criteria process with a final private vote confirming the winning ideas.

Three winning innovative ideas were selected:

IDEA 1: New innovative bedroom design features for residents living with dementia in our care homes.
IDEA 2: An enhanced program to further improve our current safeguarding procedures.
IDEA 3: Customisation component to bring our customer service experience to a new level.

We are now proudly progressing the winning, innovative ideas which are on track for being rolled out either across the business or have been taken into consideration on future care home builds.

We are excited to share our progress with you on our innovation projects, so please check back in with us regularly on this page to see all our latest updates and news.