Hallmark Carehomes

When looking for a care home for your loved one, it’s important to consider how their care needs may change over time. At Hallmark Care Homes, we look to ensure residents are supported to lead a high quality of life, that’s why we meet with all new residents to understand their life history, and develop a care package tailored to their individual needs. If their care needs change over time, we work with our team of experts to adapt our care package, in consultation with you, to ensure they receive the right level of care and continue to enjoy life to the full.

We’re often asked how we ensure each resident’s needs are met, which is why we’ve put together this guide. We believe it’s important to assess whether your loved one’s needs may change over time to ensure they can continue enjoying a high quality of life no matter what eventuality.

You’ll get advice on:

  1. How we identify your loved one’s changing care needs from the outset
  2. What we do to ensure your loved one’s care needs are met
  3. What happens if their needs change
  4. How we’ll make their experience as smooth as possible

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