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Is dementia triggered by stress?

12 June 2012

Is dementia triggered by stress?

Research conducted in Sweden showed a greater risk of dementia in those who reported stress in middle age, while Scottish scientists believe the hormones released during stressful periods can interfere with brain function.
The Alzheimer’s society have now provided valuable funds to conduct further research to learn more about the relationship between stress and dementia. The study will take saliva and blood from people with minor cognitive impairment and see how stress affects their condition. Lasting for an 18 month period, scientists will monitor biological stress markers in an effort to learn more about dementia in the hope to eventually be able to prevent these conditions.

Dr Simon Ridley, of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “We welcome any research that could shed new light on Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia.”

“Understanding the risk factors for Alzheimer’s could provide one piece of the puzzle we need to take us closer to a treatment that could stop the disease in its tracks.”

One of Hallmark’s care homes recently took their own steps to ensure stress isn’t a factor in the lives of their residents living with dementia. Greenhill Manor care home have developed a sensory room where residents can experience soothing sounds, a mixture of lights and a variant of textures. It has already had some encouraging results, with residents showing less fluctuation in their behaviour after spending time with a carer in the relaxing new room.