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Your loved one may not be ready for long-term care but they may need care for a short period of time. Here at Hallmark Care Homes we offer respite care, for when you may need it most. It might be that you are planning a holiday or perhaps they need a little extra care after a hospital stay. A respite stay will give them the care and attention they need until they are ready to return home. You'll have peace of mind that every need is met when staying here.

Our Care

Using an app called Relish, we build a profile of things our residents love to do; Life is for living, so we ensure every day is as stimulating and enjoyable as possible. We know that staying connected with family and friends is vitally important. Using the app we enable residents and loved ones to share pictures, messages and videos so that no one misses those important moments. Nothing makes us – and residents – happier than the involvement of friends and family. For our care team it’s an important first step towards building a strong, supportive relationship. It also helps our experienced care team to develop a care plan that meets the needs and wishes of each individual.

Short stays at Hallmark Care Homes

Activities & Lifestyle

Even though your loved one will only be with us a short time, it is important to us that they can continue to enjoy the activities and lifestyle that they always have. They will also have the opportunity to experience new activities and interests with the support of our inclusive community setting.

Our homes offer a wide variety of activities, clubs and lifestyle choices that are tailored to individual needs, with each resident free to choose as many as they wish! Our lifestyles team ensure that  throughout the week there are always things to do, be that a regular favourite or new experience.  Activities can vary from a relaxing afternoon tea, arts and crafts, gardening to cooking and exercise classes.

Hallmark Care homes have won the prestigious Pinders Healthcare Design award for ‘Best Care Home’ an incredible seven times. Most of our homes offer a range of beautifully designed facilities including a state-of-the-art cinema, hair and nail salon and relaxing therapy room. Some even have a corner shop, so that residents can continue their everyday routines in familiar settings. Residents can also enjoy fresh coffee and homemade cakes in one of our vibrant café’s with their family and friends.



Arts & crafts

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FAQs about Respite Care

What is respite care?

Respite care is designed to provide additional support to older people for a shorter period of time compared to a full-time care home stay. Respite care often provides short-term relief for primary caregivers, however is also there for those who require additional care following an operation or hospital stay.

Why is respite care important?

Respite care is important to help provide an older person’s usual caregiver with some relief, whilst ensuring they continue to receive the high quality care they need to live a fulfilled life. This ensures their usual caregiver gets the opportunity to rest and recharge, or take a break with their family before returning to their usual care duties. Respite care is also a beneficial option for those who have been discharged from hospital and require additional care, ensuring they can recover in a safe and comfortable environment with 24/7 support from our trained carers and nurses.

How much does respite care cost?

In the UK the cost of respite care varies vastly depending on the type and level of care provided and the care homes services and facilities. As a rough guide, short-term care can cost 10%-15% more than the care homes standard longer-term weekly rates. Each resident’s respite care is tailored to their own individual needs, ensuring they receive the highest quality of personalised care.

How long can respite care last?

Respite care is also known as ‘short-term care’, typically used to support older people during times when their full-time caregiver may be unavailable or requires relief. Based on this, respite care typically lasts between one to two weeks, where residents will temporarily move into one of our luxury homes and receive 24/7 support from our qualified and compassionate team.

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