Fluffy Friends Welcome Keeping the Family Together

Welcoming Pets

Many of us have a fluffy companion who is fundamental to our happiness. Our bond together is precious and we wouldn’t want to consider life without them. This is why, if you have a pet, we will make every effort to move them in with you.

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Life Enhancing

No doubt your pet, like ours, is an important part of family life. They are a source of comfort and joy. Not only that, our fluffy friends come with more health benefits. All good reasons why, wherever possible, we’ll support them to move in with you at our care homes.

Mood Boosters

Reducing depression & stress

Encourage Movement

Motivation for gentle exercise

Great Company

Source of comfort & support

Improving Health

Lowering cholesterol & risk of heart attack

Going Walkies…

Sometimes you may not be well enough to walk your four-legged friend. So, in many of our homes, we work with The Cinnamon Trust to help exercise dogs when you’re not able.

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