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Dementia Support

Welcome to our Dementia Support area, where warmth meets wisdom in caring for loved ones with dementia. Our articles, from recognising early signs to communicating with compassion, are designed to guide and comfort. In our care, every moment is cherished, every memory honoured. Let’s navigate this journey together with kindness at every turn to ensure those living with dementia live life to the full.

Our guide to understanding dementia

From the most common forms of dementia to their signs and symptoms, use our guide to better understand dementia and find out how to support your loved one.

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Your guide for talking to people living with Dementia

From finding the right time to managing your own feelings, use our guide to help you maintain meaningful conversations with your loved one.

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Identifying signs and symptoms of dementia

If you have concerns about a loved one, use our guide to see if they are showing any of the early signs of dementia and find the next steps to take.

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