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What’s your happiest memory?

4 July 2012

What’s your happiest memory?

A recent study was conducted by the Alzheimer’s society, in conjunction with BUPA, and the results were released to launch Memory walk which is taking place throughout September across the country. The goal is to support people living with dementia using the funds raised by all the participants.
The recent study showed that the UKs happiest memory is the birth of children or grandchildren, followed closely by a holiday and spending time with family. For the younger groups their favourite memories differed slightly, with the most popular being a holiday and falling in love coming in a close second.

Those surveyed were also asked about their favourite Sunday activities, with over a third favouring spending time with family, followed by going for a walk and simply doing nothing all day. The least popular thing to do on a Sunday is go to the pub, showing that people really do value their family life more than anything else.

Alongside this poll, new Alzheimer’s Society supporter and creator of thunderbirds, Gerry
Anderson, spoke of his condition since its diagnosis 18 months ago. “‘I was upset when I found out I had dementia but I try to stay positive and enjoy every day. My dementia hasn’t just affected me; it’s affected my friends and family too. That’s why I’m encouraging people
to sign up for Memory Walk and help Alzheimer’s Society support so many other people with my condition.”

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, said: “We’re so grateful to Gerry for supporting Memory Walk. By speaking out about his dementia he’s spreading the message much further that it can happen to anyone.”

Another fundraising initiative devised by the Alzheimer’s Society is the Great Wall of China Trek which involves a six day trek along the landmark to raise money for the cause. Ty Enfys Care Home manager, Sujjata Singh, is taking part and has been hosting Indian theme nights to raise the money while fitting in some training to prepare for the gruelling task.