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Can vitamin D prevent Alzheimer’s?

5 December 2012

Can vitamin D prevent Alzheimer’s?

New research has shown that women should start taking vitamin D supplements.  The studies
showed that women who don’t have enough in their system are at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The first study looked at data from almost 500 women and was conducted by Dr Cedric Annweiler, of Angers University Hospital in France.  The results show that those who developed
Alzheimer’s had a vitamin D intake of 50.3 micrograms per week, compared to 63.6 in those who developed other forms of dementia.  Of those who never went on to develop any form of dementia, the average intake was 59 micrograms.

A team led by Yelena Slinin at the VA Medical Centre in the United States found that, of the 6,257 women studied, those with a lower vitamin D intake were more likely to experience a decline in their cognitive functions.

These studies show just how important a healthy vitamin D intake is, whether it be from sun exposure, food or supplements.