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Migraines could signal a heart attack

18 January 2013

Migraines could signal a heart attack

Scientists have discovered that women who suffer severe migraines accompanies by visual disturbance may be at an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.

According to research, only blood pressure is a bigger indicator of the conditions than migraines with aura, when headaches are accompanied by visual impairment such as flashing lights.

The study followed 27,680 women, of which 1,435 had migraine with aura, for a 15 year period.  During this time 1,030 cases of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular ailment were reported.

Study author Dr Tobias Kurth said, “After high blood pressure, migraine with aura was the second strongest single contributor to risk of heart attacks and strokes.  It came ahead of diabetes, current smoking, obesity, and family history of early heart disease.”