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Cure your cravings

28 February 2013

Cure your cravings

A new herbal supplement claims to reduce appetite and make fatty foods less appealing.

Scientists from the University of Liverpool looked at slightly overweight but otherwise healthy young women. Some were given weight loss aid Zotrim while others received a placebo.  The results showed that those taking the placebo ate six times as much when compared to those taking Zotrim.  Those on the weight loss aid were more likely to tuck into healthier options such as bread, turkey and fruit and shun high-fat foods such as crisps, cookies and chocolate.

The results also showed that those taking the plant extract consumed 112 fewer calories and stopped eating 3 minutes sooner than the other group.  The calorie intake fell further, to 200 less calories, when Zotrim was combined with inlulin, a dietary fibre.

Professor Jason Halford, who was involved in the study, said, “This study demonstrated the robust acute effect of Zotrim on reducing food intake.  The effect of Zotrim was enhanced by the dietary fibre inulin, the combination resulting in a significant decrease in hunger and desire to eat.”

Professor Halford added, “The supplement is making your body think that what you are eating is more filling. It makes you feel fuller, quicker and affects both energy intake and appetite.  But as for how it is doing that and the specific underlying mechanism, we are just not sure yet.”