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Is it too late to save your heart?

4 March 2013

Is it too late to save your heart?

New research conducted on mice suggests that those needing to lose weight to protect their hearts should do so sooner rather than later as damage could be irreversible in later life.

Researchers have concluded that young overweight people could reverse the damage done their heart by reducing their calorie intake.  In older adults, however, dieting had no effect on the damaged heart and they deemed that it was now beyond repair.

The major risk factors of heart disease are obesity and age and we know the impact on the heart grows with age and depends on how long someone has been overweight.  Scientists have
not yet been able to pinpoint at what age this effect could be reversed.

Lead author, Dr Majd AlGhatrif, said, “Our research indicates that the longer mice are obese, the greater the risk that their heart damage is irreversible. However, we don’t know whether the same principle would apply to humans as well, and if so, what the turning point would be. But the basic message is that losing weight sooner rather than later would be more beneficial.”