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5 Great Social Activities For The Elderly

23 August 2013

5 Great Social Activities For The Elderly

Human beings have always lived in groups. From the family unit to the metropolitan sprawl, we’re a social animal. As we age we often become less social for a variety of reasons, from a naturally shrinking social circle to a higher likelihood of health and mobility issues.

However there is a lot of evidence that maintaining an active social life is vital for a healthy, happy old age. Staying socially active not only keeps you physically mobile it also staves off the effects of depression. Here are 5 great social activities for the elderly.

1. Dancing.


Dancing is great for older people on many levels. Firstly it’s inherently social, as you’ll need a partner (unless you fancy a spot of breakdancing). Secondly the physical activity is great for your heart, joints and overall health. Thirdly, people who engage in regular dance classes show a reduced incidence of dementia. Dancing doesn’t just use your body, you also have to memorise steps and moves and keep alert throughout, which helps keep the mind active.

2. Yoga.


This is another great activity that can be good for your body and mind. From a health perspective yoga is great for balance, flexibility and muscle strength all of which can help keep you robust in old age. Attending a yoga class will also get you out of the house and mingling with other people, and there are often classes that cater solely for older people.

3. Board Games.


Although board games won’t do anything for your physical condition they are great for your mind and naturally involve socialising. Having to use your memory and engage in tactical play is great for maintaining a nimble brain, and the friendly competition is sure to fire up conversation.

4. Bowls.


This is great for maintaining social interaction because you’ll be joining a club to play. It’s a sport that is low impact and relatively easy going which makes chatting a natural way to fill in the time while other players are taking their turns. Most clubs have a club house with food and drink on offer so after a game you can sit down and share some food with friends. Also, bowls clubs often have other social events on offer so they can be great places to meet new people.

5. Gardening Club.


If you’ve got green fingers consider joining a gardening club. You’ll meet like-minded horticulturalists and can get involved in competitions and community gardening projects. Most clubs have regular meetings and events which will help keep you out and about and connected with your friends.

As you can see, social activities are vital for a happy life. Even those who are more self-contained than others will benefit from regular social interaction of some sort. Find something you already enjoy or try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone, it’s up to you. Stay social and stay happy.

At Hallmark Care Homes we believe that activity is critical when it comes to providing good care. From baking cakes in our kitchens to helping out with the gardening, we provide our residents with activities to keep them fit, healthy and interacting with their fellow residents.