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Moving Into a Care Home: How We Make Settling in Easy

15 January 2015

Moving Into a Care Home: How We Make Settling in Easy

Moving into a care home can be a stressful time, not just for your loved one, but also for friends and family, so it’s important that settling in is as smooth as possible. As a result, we provide all our new residents with an ‘About Me’ book before they move in, making it easier for our team to get to know them and ensure all their needs are met. Discover why we believe the about me book is so important to moving into a care home below.

What Does the About Me Book Allow Our Team To Do?

The about me booklet ensures that our care team get to know your loved one before they move in. It includes several pages for you and your loved one to fill out information about themselves, including:

  • How they like being addressed
  • Close family and friends
  • Significant life events and places
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Daily routine
  • Favourite food and drink
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Favourite clothes and things about their appearance

Our care team then read the book, allowing them to get to know your loved one’s personality and preferences before they move in. This ensures our team address all our residents in the way they’d like, give them the food they enjoy, and importantly, ensure they are able to stick to the daily routine or lifestyle they are used to. All this ensures that settling into a Hallmark care home is as smooth as possible.

Why is it Important for Residents?

Our about me books are an essential part of the relationship centred care that we provide at each of our care homes. Our relationship centred care revolves around the philosophy that our residents and their families are involved in the care process, while our team are trained to focus on the people they care for, rather than the tasks they perform.

We choose our team not just because of their experience and qualifications, but also because of their caring and compassionate natures. The About Me books ensure that even if members of the team hadn’t got the chance to meet your loved one when they first were shown around the home, they can quickly get to know things about them, which helps to ensure our team’s day to day engagement with residents is genuine, building trust between residents and their carers.

Bringing Residents and the Team Together

We believe the About Me book helps to make moving into a care home easier as helps residents feel a sense of belonging at the home as members of the team have been able to take the time to learn about them and their backgrounds. A sense of belonging is an essential part of our relationship centred care philosophy, and with the insight into our residents’ lives the about me book provides, our lifestyle team are able to ensure our regular programme of events appeals to every taste!

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