An Interview with Lakeview Care Home General Manager, Inderpreet

4th December, 2019

We sat down with Hallmark’s Lakeview Care Home General Manager, Inderpreet, to chat to her about her time in the care industry, and to ask the tough questions.

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We sat down with Hallmark’s Lakeview Care Home General Manager, Inderpreet, to chat to her about her time in the care industry, and to ask the tough questions.

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Tell me a bit about yourself, Inderpreet

I’m the General Manager at Lakeview Care Home and have 10 years of experience in the care industry. My passion for care and drive to enhance the wellbeing of residents meant a huge change of career for me, from being a Pharmacist. Every day, I look forward to meeting residents and making a difference to their lives – our passion at Lakeview is to deliver relationship-centered care that is second to none.

How and why did you start working in the care industry?

I started working in the care industry by total accident really. Being a pharmacy graduate, I was planning to work as a community pharmacist. But after completing my master’s degree in business, I started working with Hallmark Care Homes temporarily to learn some more skills, however, I found the job so rewarding that I changed my career plan entirely, and the rest is history!

I have worked in different roles within care for the last 10 years and have been the manager of Lakeview for the last 14 months and have loved every minute of it.

Is there anything you think the families of residents should do, or try, before deciding on care?

I strongly believe that families should visit a few care homes before making the big decision, and to check the reviews online. Also, the best thing you can do is to involve the resident themselves in making the decision where possible. Many care homes offer a ‘resident for the day’ option, where they can trial the care home for a day. This makes such a difference for the transition and is very worthwhile if it is offered.

What do residents find hardest about the transition to care, and what do you do at Lakeview to help this?

Good transition planning is key to helping residents settle into the care home, and therefore the assessment before moving needs to be effective. Like anyone, residents can find settling into new environments and making friends hard, therefore we encourage families to bring familiar items – like lots of photos and pictures – with them, to make the accommodation feel more ‘homely’ instantly. Also, to help residents to connect, we introduce them to people with similar interests and hobbies, which means making friends is so much easier.

What do you think the most common misconception of care is, and why is it a misconception?

The biggest misconception about care is that people think care homes are only for when people can’t live on their own anymore. Whereas I think it’s more accurate nowadays to say that care homes are lifestyles choices, and another way of living independently with fewer worries for residents.

What are some of the residents’ favourite activities they can take part in?

We have a range of activities for residents to get involved in. In fact, we were recognised for having the ‘most innovative activities programme’ at the Surrey Care Awards 2019 – choir, toddlers’ group, baking clubs and gentlemen’s club are some of the residents’ favourite activities in the home.

What do you think is the best aspect of Lakeview?

We deliver relationship-centred care at Lakeview, and involvement of residents’ relatives in the running of Lakeview is one of the best aspects for me. Many relatives volunteer at Lakeview and often help with things like judging talent shows, organising events, gardening and so on. Residents love it!

What has been your favourite moment as the General Manager of Lakeview?

I love spending time with residents every day, but the best thing was when the residents arranged my baby shower! It was so sweet.