Hallmark partners with Radar Healthcare to drive organisational skills

6th February, 2023

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We are delighted to have partnered with Radar Healthcare as our risk, quality and compliance provider. The software, which has been implemented across our 19 homes in the UK, will play a key role in helping us to deliver the best quality of care for our residents.

Not only will Radar Healthcare eradicate hours of paperwork, it will also be a positive approach in driving forward our aims for sustainability. Team members across the group will use Radar Healthcare to govern all elements of quality with information easily being shared across all sites and with all stakeholders.

Care Quality Governance and Compliance Director at Hallmark Care Homes, Julie Rayner said:

“The introduction of Radar Healthcare across our care group will be invaluable for our residents. By standardising our processes across the group and gathering the right data, our team will quickly and easily be able to demonstrate our robust standards to regulators. The benefits of implementing one single platform such as Radar Healthcare will save time on admin which they can ultimately give back to our residents in the form of care.

“We’re excited that we can use Radar Healthcare to learn and improve – we want to continue to provide our residents with the best life possible and being able to see immediately what is going on in any of our 19 homes can be shared as best practice to do just that. With the different modules we’re implementing working together, the possibilities are endless.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at Radar Healthcare said: “We’re thrilled that Hallmark Care Homes chose to partner with us for their risk, quality and compliance software. Our vision is to make a real difference in delivering positive outcomes for our partners in health and social care and this aligns with Hallmark Care Homes who take pride in enabling their residents to live the most fulfilling life possible. We’re looking forward to working with everyone across the Hallmark Care Home Group to bring all regulatory processes into one platform and develop a culture of continuous improvement.”

The software, which has been implemented includes incident and event management, action and improvement plans, risk management, analytics, document management and business compliance.