Anya Court Say Hello to the Team

Michelle Sides

Responsibility: Responsible for the smooth running of the home

Introduction: My name is Michelle Sides and I am General Manager at Anya Court.

I am a qualified Mental Health Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in the Health and Social Care Sector and bring a depth and wealth of knowledge to Anya Court. I am very passionate about the care that is delivered to residents and am committed to leading and inspiring the team here.

We have an amazing team who are committed and passionate about what they do and how they support residents. Individual choice and the wellbeing of residents is at the heart of everything we do. Your loved one will instantly know they are in safe hands. We always ask ourselves if this was our parent or relative, is this how we would want them to be cared for?

We take time to understand the residents we support and care for, learn their life story and meet their family and friends so that we know how best to meet and understand their needs and improve their quality of life.

Karen Sutton

Business Administrator

Cheryl Jones

Deputy Manager

Debbie Cleaver

Head Housekeeper

Kieran Langan

Hospitality Services Manager

Sue Mitchell

Lifestyles Lead

Liam Davis

Head Chef

Leasa Marriott

Responsibility: Advisor for prospective new residents & their families

Coming into the care sector has been humbling for so many different reasons. I feel honoured to work at Anya Court Care Home, I feel privileged that I get to work in our resident’s home every day.

My passion is customer care and experience and we deliver on this every single minute. My previous line of work has been in the media which was a rewarding carer but nothing has come close to how I feel about Anya Court. The residents are our priority and the way we make them feel, our whole home approach is the centre of the care, the security and the happiness of why we do what we do and how we do it.