Home is Where the Heart Is: Lauren and Simon Say ‘I Do’ at Hallmark Alexandra Grange

17th May, 2024

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In a touching ceremony that beautifully combined love and family, Lauren and Simon tied the knot at Hallmark Alexandra Grange Care Home, making their wedding day exceptionally special by ensuring Lauren’s grandparents, who live at the home, and Simon’s parents who live at a care home close by, could attend. Surrounded by nearly 100 guests, the couple exchanged vows in the care home’s lush greenery, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The kitchen team at Alexandra Grange prepared a delicious feast and a stunning wedding cake, adding a delightful touch to the celebration. The newlyweds then hosted a joyful reception at the care home, complete with the traditional cake cutting and their first dance to “You Made Me Love You” – a song with deep sentimental value, as Lauren’s grandfather often sings it to her grandmother, his wife of 71 years.

The wedding held immense significance for Lauren and Simon. Lauren’s grandparents and Simon’s parents all faced the challenges of advancing age and health issues, making the prospect of a distant 2025 wedding difficult. The solution was a heart warming wedding ceremony at Alexandra Grange, bringing the entire family together in a unique and intimate setting.

Graham further shared his appreciation: “When I floated this idea, which was so enthusiastically picked up by [Alexandra Grange], I had no idea what to expect. But whatever it was, it was not what you achieved on Friday. You created the most amazing wedding imaginable! It was perfect in every way, from the decorations and flowers to the wonderful food and thoughtful ‘ceremony.’ Hannah’s singing, going out of her way to perfect ‘You Made Me Love You,’ added those special touches that made it unforgettable.”

The joy and happiness shared among family and friends were palpable, making the event feel like a true wedding celebration. The couple and their loved ones have over 500 cherished photos from the day, capturing every precious moment.

Elspeth Wilkinson, the Lifestyles Lead at Alexandra Grange who helped organise the event, expressed her pride and joy: “I am so proud of what the Alexandra Grange family were able to produce for the family and residents of the home. It was probably the highlight of my career so far and is something that will stay with me forever. I will not forget the smiles and laughter.”

Lauren and Simon’s wedding was a testament to the power of love and community, showing that with a little creativity and a lot of heart, any challenge can be overcome to create beautiful memories that will be treasured forever.