Meet Ted – Tŷ Enfys Care Homes’ Fluffy Friend

8th August, 2023

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Ted is the Love and Affection Manager at Tŷ Enfys Care Home, and the much loved four-legged furry companion of the General Manager, Sujjata. He spends a lot of time at the home, playing with team members and residents. Find out more about Ted below!

I’m Ted and I am the Love and Affection Manager at Tŷ Enfys and I am the most popular team member at the care home. Everybody knows my name and greets me when they see me. Even the General Manager (my mum) does not get the same honour as I do. Below is a picture of me as a puppy!

My human mother, who I adore, has taught me many things and I am quite the whiz kid. I can sit, stand, lie down and spin, provided I get a sausage! Sausages are my weakness and if you have one, I will be your best friend. I can also sing when my favourite friend plays the violin. Nobody knew I had this talent until it was recorded.

I am fascinated by humans and love the joy I bring them. My day at Ty Enfys starts by going for the morning rounds, checking the communities, meeting and greeting the team, residents, visitors and any professionals. I am definitely some of the resident’s favourite team member and they keep treats for me, usually from their breakfast. I used to be very good at sneaking into the dining room where my friends would feed me under the table. I was getting fatter and fatter. Sometimes the nurses do put me on the scales. I have been restricted and am not allowed to go into the dining room but I have made some faithful friends who save me the sausages in their handbags!

I am also the proud owner of a lot of outfits which the team dress me in just for laughs and love modelling them to the residents which brings a smile to their faces.

I am really empathetic towards the residents and I also like to meet and greet visitors and my favourite hot desk is the reception desk, where I help Claire answer the phone. I am fascinated by every visitor to the home and take great pride in welcoming them.

I also play a big part in the interview process and go and sit near the person I can sense is the most anxious. I understand it’s a hard job for the General Manager and I try to help her as much as I can.

Sometimes I don’t understand what everybody is talking about but I can sense people’s feelings. I know when residents, families or team members need my support.

My hobbies? Outside of work, I just simply love to run! after I have finished my shift, my mum takes me to a huge field and I run for as far and as long as my little legs will take me. Also I have got a girlfriend called Ivy. She is a huge husky and she keeps me on my toes and in check

I thoroughly enjoyed the Jubilee celebration at Tŷ Enfys and posed for a photograph with the HRH Queen.

I must tell you one more thing about me I am the proud father of three sets of pups below is the picture of my first litter.