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What Is The Difference Between a Care Home and a Nursing Home?

The difference between a care home and a nursing home is a care home provides a broader spectrum of care, including both residential and nursing care. Whereas a nursing home offers solely nursing care for residents who have more complex care requirements and require 24-hour care from registered nurses.
For example, someone with minor mobility problems is suited to a care home, however someone with a long-term illness who requires regular medication would be better suited to a nursing home or a facility that offers more specialist, ongoing nursing care.

Is nursing care available in a care home?

Whilst nursing care is often offered exclusively within a nursing home, some residential care homes also provide nursing care to those who need it alongside other types of care. At Hallmark Care Homes, we offer the highest standard of relationship-centred nursing care to residents with both simple and complex requirements.
Based on your loved one’s needs when they join us, we tailor their care based on their medical, emotional, physical and social needs. This helps us establish the most appropriate method of expert care, whether that be residential or nursing, to ensure your loved one is cared for in a way that will benefit both their health and wellbeing. At Hallmark Care Homes, we also understand the importance of recognising changes in your loved one’s care needs. Our compassionate team of experts continue to work with each resident on an individual basis throughout their stay, ensuring any changes are made quickly to accommodate their needs.

How do I know if my loved one needs a care home or nursing home?

Deciding whether your loved one will benefit from a care home or a nursing home will depend on their individual requirements. A care home is usually sufficient to cover their needs and guarantee a high quality of life. The majority of our luxury care homes across the UK offer both residential and nursing care to cater for residents with varying needs.

Residents living in a nursing home will often have more complex needs, where the care throughout the home is can only be provided by qualified nurses. If your loved one requires residential care, a care home is a more suitable choice. However, a care home can also be a viable option for those who require nursing care alongside other types of care, such as dementia care or residential care, depending on their circumstances. Or, perhaps your loved one’s needs are changing and they only require nursing care for a short period of time, for example after an operation.

We understand that finding a care home to suit your loved one is a difficult decision. We recognise the importance of ensuring both their physical and mental wellbeing are considered so that they receive the highest standard of care. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether a care home or nursing home is best for your loved one:

Care home

24 hour residential care predominantly given by Care Assistants, however Registered Nurses are on hand for nursing care.

Personalised care packages that can include various care types to suit your loved one’s individual needs, for example nursing, residential and dementia care.

Ideal if your loved one has minimal medical needs, however needs daily support with tasks that they can no longer do alone whilst maintaining their independence, for example preparing meals, bathing or walking unaided (e.g. without the support of a carer or walking frame).

Nursing home

24 hour nursing care predominantly given by a team of Registered Nurses. Care Assistants are there as support, however any administration of medication, wound care or injections is carried out by specialist nurses.

Focuses on nursing care only, meaning your loved one is likely to have an ongoing or progressive illness or significant reduced mobility.
If your loved one does meet this criteria or require regular medical assistance, a care home that offers both residential and nursing care is likely to be a much better option depending on their needs.

For more information about the difference between a care home and a nursing home or to find out more about the types of care we provide, get in touch with your nearest Hallmark care home to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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