Greenhill Manor Plan Your Perfect Day

Greenhill Manor in Merthyr Tydfil is a hub for the local community, offering a variety of activities and social gatherings. We’ll support you to spend your days doing the things that make you happy, whether that’s tending to the garden, singing your favourite song in an afternoon of karaoke, or relaxing in the cinema room to watch a movie.

Take a look at how you could spend your days…


Rise to the sound of the dawn chorus;

  • Sip a cuppa on the garden patio
  • Watch the morning news on TV
  • Enjoy your favourite breakfast


Ease yourself into the day;

  • Be pampered in the hair salon
  • Take a shopping trip into town
  • Read the daily papers in the lounge


Re-fuel and relax;

  • Spend time tending to the garden
  • Savour a freshly prepared lunch
  • Play games with friends


Peaceful pastimes;

  • Enjoy some relaxation therapy
  • Sing your favourite tune at karaoke
  • One-to-one time


Settle in for the evening as the sun sets;

  • Relatives join you for a drink in the pub
  • Put your feet up watching a film in the cinema room
  • Test your knowledge with an evening quiz


We offer three meals a day as well as snacks available throughout the day. Residents can choose from a variety of breakfast options, from cereal to a full English breakfast. The main meal will be served at lunch or in the evening, but will consist of a choice of starter, main course and dessert, all served in our restaurant style dining rooms. If residents wish to eat in their room, we will also take their meal to them.

Yes. Religious and spiritual beliefs will be respected by our team members. If there are any religious groups they wish to attend or maintain contact with, we will do our best to support this.